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by Lindsey Cleveland posted Jun 14 2017 10:45AM
6/14 Today on The Lindsey Report...

  The GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS reportedly sprayed almost $200,000 worth of champagne on the floor during their locker room celebration.  A random list of things they COULD'VE bought with that money includes:  Nine new 2017 Honda Civics . . . 277 iPhone 7s . . . or 9,610 creepy horse head masks. 


SCARLETT JOHANSSON took GRANDMA GERALDINE to the premiere of her new movie "Rough Night".  Geraldine is the woman who gained some Internet fame because she looked like Scarlett in a picture that was taken 50 years ago.  She's 72 now.  


On the same day DENNIS RODMAN arrived in North Korea, they released a 23-year-old American prisoner named Otto Warmbier.  But the State Department says it was just a coincidence.  Warmbier is coming home in a coma, by the way . . . allegedly the result of prison beatings. 


 Hollywood is making a new "Cannonball Run" movie.  The original came out in 1981 and starred Burt Reynolds, Dom DeLuise, and tons of other stars as drivers in an illegal race from New York to California.  It's actually based on a REAL race that was run several times in the '70s. 


A pair of Nike Air Mags sold at an auction for $52,500.  If you've never heard of them, they're the self-lacing sneakers from the 1989 movie "Back to the Future 2".  They weren't real at the time, but Nike made a few pairs of them last year. 


TV One just aired an old episode of "Cosby" on Friday where Bill gets Rudy to take her medicine by crushing her pills and mixing them into her drink.  That's a strange choice, considering what Cosby's on trial for right now. 


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06/14/2017 10:51AM
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