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by Lindsey Cleveland posted Jul 6 2017 10:29AM
7/6 Today on The Lindsey Report...

SETH ROGEN could NOT handle it when his mom Tweeted about how wonderful it is to fall asleep after sex.  He said something R-rated that I can't exactly repeat on-air, but he was basically telling her to cut it out.  (Full Story)
ROB KARDASHIAN got kicked off Instagram yesterday for posting nude photos of his baby mama BLAC CHYNA without her permission.  They're fighting again, after he found out she was cheating on him.  She's firing back with allegations that he was physically abusive. 

MICHAEL JACKSON's chimp BUBBLES is the star of an art exhibit opening this month called "Apes That Paint".  It's to benefit the ape sanctuary where Bubbles lives along with other apes who've been "retired" from the entertainment industry.  (Full Story)
 LINDSAY LOHAN is asking everyone to stop "bullying" PRESIDENT TRUMP, and to "start trusting him."  She said that the Trumps are nice people, and that we shouldn't "speak poorly" of anyone.  (Full Story)

TOM BRADY is #1 on a new list of the NFL's 10 most underpaid players.  He'll make $14 million this season, which is a lot, but 19 quarterbacks are being paid more, and NONE of them are the annual Super Bowl threat that Brady has proven to be.  (Full Story)
SYLVESTER STALLONE is dropping hints that Ivan Drago, the Russian villain from "Rocky 4", might return for "Creed 2".  He even posted a phony picture of Drago facing off in the ring with Adonis Creed, played by MICHAEL B. JORDAN.  (Full Story)

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