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by Lindsey Cleveland posted Jul 13 2017 11:02AM
7/13 Today on The Lindsey Report...

 SHIA LABEOUF is apologizing for his racist tantrums after being arrested over the weekend.  He says he's hit a "new low," that he's been struggling with addiction, and is trying to get sober.  Earlier yesterday, TMZ released more videos of him race-baiting the cops.  (Full Story)
 Former "Bond Girl" Lana Wood was reportedly homeless earlier this year because of crazy medical bills . . . but someone started a GoFundMe campaign for her, and raised over $36,000 to help her get on her feet.  (Full Story)
  It seems like TOM HANKS is in every movie, but he doesn't have time to do them all.  A list of movies he ALMOST starred in includes:  "Super Mario Bros.", "Groundhog Day", "The Shawshank Redemption", and "Speed".  (Full Story)
One trailer for "Dunkirk" is just a single scene from the movie. . . that's seven MINUTES long.  And since that's not the typical trailer, some moviegoers have thought that it WAS the movie, and that they were in the wrong theater.  (Full Story)
HBO has FOUR different "Game of Thrones" prequels in the works.  But the network says they'll probably just pick the best one, because they don't want to "overexploit" the show like ABC did with "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire".  (???)  (Full Story)
 KID ROCK might actually be running for a U.S. SENATE seat in Michigan.  He tweeted a photo of a campaign sign yesterday with his name on it.  And he's also selling merchandise.  But it's possible he's just hyping an upcoming project.  (Full Story)
 A CD-R containing a finished, unreleased MICHAEL JACKSON album will be auctioned off later this month.  The starting bid is $50,000 . . . and the winning bidder will NOT have the rights to ever release or distribute the album.  

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07/13/2017 11:10AM
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